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shot by Lucy Foster
oh hey!
so glad you stopped by, welcome! my name is Laoise - you say it like 'Leesha' - and it's very irish, like me i guess. i'm from a small city in ireland called galway, where my first introduction to any music was traditional irish music passed on to me by my parents. this palette was quickly broadened by my older sister's love for pop; i still remember dancing around our kitchen when she got her first AQUA tape. when i was a little older, i started to play the piano and guitar so i could sing, but i never let anyone hear me. i guess i was nervous because i've always felt that a voice can hold so much power, and i was scared i wasn't ready to use mine yet. flash-forward a few more years and i suddenly had become a racoon-like creature in my own home, only leaving my bedroom's ramshackle home studio (if you could even call it that) to get some snacks - most likely pizza. at this stage i was a 16-year-old girl with the internet, the first mic i ever bought, the first of many songs i would write, and a bag full significant thoughts and feelings about my very insignificant life. although it didn't feel it back then, this was quite a momentous time in my life, because i fell in love with writing and recording my own music. today, you'll still find a bit of that racoon-like creature vibe in me, only now i get to come out of the studio to share that music with you (most likely trying to find some way to include pizza in it).
some news: my new EP 'healthy' IS OUT NOW!



Laoise Healthy EP High Res.jpg
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